What exactly is Free Trial Version and how long does it extend?

Resis offers a complete free of cost, 30-day trial version of the software’s Professional Plan. There will be no credit card associated with the system. This is a risk-free trial to evaluate the benefits of Resis. No fees. No hassles. If you want to continue after free trial period, we’ll need your credit card to charge you for your monthly/yearly subscription.

How secure is Resis?

We use Amazon to store and secure your data. We ensure that your data is secure using 256-bit SSL and AES encryption. All of your work, are password-protected and require a login to access. Backups of your data are performed multiple times per day.

How many people can use Resis?

We don’t limit you in terms of no of users and clients that can access Resis anytime from any device. Also with Professional plan being used for trial version, you can use until 50gb of storage space for uploading and downloading of your data. Above that. you can use Google Drive and Box to access your documents.

What training options are available for customers?

Resis provides you with unlimited free access to comprehensive support resources. You can use our knowledgebase, videos on Youtube and our answers to FAQ’s. Except for that, if you need a personal training, we can even provide you at your doorstep.

Can I cancel my account?

You can easily cancel your account within Resis. Though we hope that you found Resis as perfect fit and if you feel there was something that we promised and didn’t give you, you can contact us right away with our priority support, and we’ll solve your queries within 1 business day. If you still proceed ahead with the cancellation, it’s easy, however, there will no refunds for the current term (monthly or yearly).

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