Introduction to Time, Expense Tracking & Billing


You ’ re an educated lawyer passed out from one of the top grad schools and having your own office with staff working for you. And probably you ’ re entering all your time entries wither in diaries or either an excel sheet is maintained where all your records and details are stored.

If you think this helps, surely it does, but how about when you lose this file or your diary? Surely there is less probability, but let ’ s say what if you lose it and now there is nothing to access it? What would be your next step? Trying to figure out all client meetings or time spent with them? But how much could you possibly remember? A week? 2 weeks? Isn ’ t this a problem that needs to be solved in your firm?

Well, you ’ ve come to a right place. Resis is software that helps you to deal with this problem so that you never lose your details and we ’ re offering a solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere with any possible device, no matter laptop, tablets or mobiles. You have your data with a click.

Resis is built right from billing the time tracked, creating your customized invoices, sending it to clients and so much more that can possibly help you in almost every of your day-to-day activities.


Resis allows you to track time, with just a simple click. Whether you ’ re in courtroom or travelling or simply sitting in your office, you can enter it from anywhere and the data is entered into our servers in real time. Also we allow you to enter multiple entries simultaneously so no matter you ’ re sitting with 2 clients at same time or there is an overlap between time frames for a day, all the entries are entered into the system.

You can ask that what if you forgot to enter a time? Sure we do have a solution for you about it as well. We allow you to automatically track the time, so once you click the start button, the time start recording and with a stop, your recording stops with your default billing rates. But if you forget to record at the moment, we allow you to manually enter the time so that nothing is missed out and you could keep a track of all your entries and bill it faster.


Are you having a hard time tracking your lost receipt ’ s your clients while billing? Well, tracking expenses is no more worries with Resis. It ’ s as simple as tracking time. With a single click, you can enter details about what expenses were made and can enter a reference of client or note bill it for a client. We have covered expenses right from photo coping right until your biggest entries + you can create your own expense and save a field to use it next time.


  • We allow you to tag receipts to clients or individual matters. Once you take a photo of your receipt, you can tag it to your client and it will be automatically added in the client ’ s bill, so you no further need to worry about tracking the expense you made and secondly no burden to add it to invoice. This keeps you more organize and make you efficient in saving time for finding receipts and entering into bills. With Resis, we make sure, you never lose any detail.

Billing is the core of your firm. You want to bill clients and receive payments from clients as soon as you finish with the matter of the clients. Resis provides you with fast, intuitive and easy billing.

After creating your account, you can set your hourly rate, or a flat rate. Entering it once, we make sure that the no of hours you worked for a client is directly reflected when you create an invoice for a client. With these billing methods, you can easily bill clients using different ways like hourly and flat rate, and also you can use a combination of both the methods to charge a particular client.

Also you can record each of your time whether it is billable or not billable. You can set an item as billable and it will be charged to client. Also once you set an item as non-billable, it will appear on the bill but under the non-billable section so that you can calculate where your additional time was spent and was not billed. As well as it is visible for the client to see which time and items were unbilled thus giving you both a level of transparency and flourishing relations between you and your clients.


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