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A Truly Legal Billing Software

Billing was never as accurate as before. Track time, assign it to cases, bill the time tracked
and get paid faster. Simple enough?

Flexible Legal Billing Plans

We support every type of billing plan, whether it ’ s hourly, flat, mixed of both or contingency. Also we support default and unique billing rates that can range from setting for individual cases to certain clients and to individual practice areas. Now go completely flexible with our customizations at every level.

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Create bills in no time

On the go and have less or almost no time? Cavory’s quickbill feature helps you create bill within few seconds. All you need to do is link a matter, fill-in time entries and expenses and you ’ re all set! No more spending time on bills. We make the process simple and help you to be efficient in office.

Professional Templates for Invoice

With Cavory’s billing functionality, you can pull all you unbilled time and expenses and flat fees entries to an invoice with a single click. Also you can customize the look of an invoice by changing your logo and can edit every part of your invoice that gives you and your clients complete transparency.

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