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Secure Legal Client Communication with Cavory

Eliminate client calling now and then since Cavory provides access to secure messaging
system available 24/7 to communicate between you and your clients.

Cavory Share

Forget emailing and sending highly sensitive data using unsecure channels. Now communicate and share resources with clients using our secure client portal. Clients can login to their portals, and can view everything right from the matter until meetings, events, bills, documents and due payments.

Client communication 1
Client communication 1

Highly Secure Portal

We give security utmost importance, because as a business we understand how sensitive your data is. Cavory uses 256 bit SSL encryption while transferring the data and 256 bit AES encryption for storing your data. Also unique keys are generated for every activity performed, to add an additional layer of security.

Real time notifications

Every resource shared with clients, they can comment on it and notifications for each activity performed will be sent to you. Also each activity performed will be updated in the news feed to keep track of things easily. We strive hard to make you more organized.

Client communication 3
Client communication 2

Online Payments

Cavory integrates with PayPal and your credit cards. It means, your clients can easily pay bills using their cards or their PayPal accounts. All the need is to link their card/account with Cavory, and once authorized, receiving payments is just a click away.

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