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Understand your firm with our powerful reports

It’s true. A picture is worth 1000 words. With our legal reports, you can access everything about a user, client, firm,
productivity, areas of improvements, revenue, comparisons with previous data & much more

Legal reports

More than giving you an in-depth knowledge about your firm ’ s performance like the usual reports, our reports will contribute to keep your plans and budget in time. With the access to individual reports, you can also drill it down until minor details, identifying the opportunities and solving the problems faced by your firm.


Practice Performance Dashboard

Our dashboard is designed to give you a complete understanding of how well your practice looks like. Keeping track of your billable hours, Invoices  and pending payments is just a click away. You can compare charts as well for your monthly outputs and drilling it down to weekly & daily basis to understand which day/week works for you best and creating actions as per the analysis.

Reporting flexibilities

With a single click, you can generate reports in no time, thus saving you time. Also you can export the reports via pdf or csv format. Finally, with each report you can filter it via date range, to users or clients, thus giving you more flexibility to analyse performance and convert these metrics into actions.


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