Legal Time Tracking

Insanely simple time tracking solution

Track your time using your phones, tablets and laptops.Resis organizes all your time-entries in 1 page
so you can view all your crucial information together without having to chase details by case.

Legal Time tracking for precise billing

Track time as you work on a case. All you need is to click a button and timer starts recording time. Cavory links your time-entries to your matter’s, so you can quick bill them. You can track time from your phone, tablet or laptop anytime anywhere. It ’ s insanely simple. Also, Cavory also allows you to enter time from tasks and calendars as well.


Automatic & Manual Entries

Cavory provides option to enter time by 1 click start & stop button or you can manually enter the time to record bulk entries at the end of the day. Cavory can also track non-billable entries so as to track the performance and efficiency of your firm’ s flat fee.

Manage Tasks: It’s simple, It’s easy

Manage tasks with ease. With Cavory’s task management, you can keep yourself on the target. Assign tasks to matter’ s. See where you’ve reached and how much more to accomplish a matter. Assign priorities and make your life simple.

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