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Welcome to Cavory University Affiliation Program

Learn and manage your practice with a technology that helps you practice better with all the tools
and functionalities before facing the heat in real legal world.

Why to use Cavory in Law Schools?

Thats a great question to ask, but we provide you with a set of things that
not only manages your whole practice but also saves your time thus keeping your organized

  • Time Tracking: 1 stop play and pause button to record time from any device
  • Case Management: Manage cases on your fingertips and access every detail.
  • Invoices: Create & share invoices with your clients on the go from any device
  • Communication: Now communicate with your clients with a secure portal
  • Affordable: Professional and easy-to-use app is now affordable for every law firm
  • Responsive: Perfect for any device with pixel-perfect design built for you
  • Trendy: The airy design, flat buttons & parallax backgrounds keeps it elegant
  • Integrations: We integrate with the best in class applications to give you the classy security, data migration and customer support.

Legal Billing


On the go and have less or almost no time? Cavory’s quickbill feature helps you create bill within few seconds.
All you need to do is link a matter, fill-in time entries and expenses and you’re all set!
No more spending time on bills. We make the process simple and help you to be efficient in office.

  • Flexible Billing Plans: We support every type of billing plan, whether it’s hourly, flat, mixed of both or contingency.
  • Professional Templates: You can pull all you unbilled time and expenses and flat fees entries to an invoice with a single click.
  • Customization Also you can customize the look of an invoice by changing your logo and can edit every part of your invoice that gives you and your clients complete transparency.

Legal Calendaring

Cavory offers a real-time intuitive calendaring solution for your firm.
We provide calendaring at both the individual and firm level.
Create events, Invite attendees, tag events to matters, add time from calendars & much more is possible using our calendars.

  • Reminders and Alerts: Learn more about how Cavory makes reminders easier.
  • Real-Time Syncing: Your firm’s calendars are synchronized in real time across all devices to keep you on time
  • Calendaring with Google and Outlook: See all the events in your day on every tab of Cavory.

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